About Me

The greatest joy of woodturning is seeing the beauty that nature in all her glory has created, being released, with a little help.


My love of wood started at an early age. It wasn't until I turned 18 (some 39 years ago) that I started to develop this into a form whereby I was able to make functional and at the same time well worked items that my family and friends were able to use within their homes. A totally self taught turner, I have been lucky enough to have seen some exceptional woodturners over the years, all of which without exception were willing to pass on tips of their trade. I find the varied forms of woodturning have offered me so many challenges over the years, each and every one so pleasurable that it has been a joy learning both the basics as well as the more advanced forms of the trade. Everything from basic spindle turning to bowl making, hollow forms, lidded boxers to hand thread chasing and thin walled turning has delivered to me enjoyment as well the satisfaction that I am able to complete to an advanced level. I am never as happy as being in my  “my  workshop”.

My workshop has evolved out of necessity, everything is functional and space is of a premium. So many people I believe are and have been faced with the same issues and have  similar workshops, it is 9ft by 18ft (sorry for the imperial measurements but it was erected during the early 80’s, a time when I worked both imperial and metric but preferred imperial). I have owned many lathes all of which I have managed to break in one way or another. I decided back in 2012 that it was time to invest in a lathe that was able to cope with my turnings and something that in all probability would (given correct maintenance) outlast anything I could throw at it. To this end I bought my beloved VB36 something that I haven never regretted. I like many before me have over the years bought many tools to which they after an initial time have gone to the racks never be be used again, only to use a minimal number of favoured tools on an everyday basis. 

I salvage the wood for my turnings from various sources, mostly from tree fellers, trimmers as well as from homeowners, all of which i believe to be fully sustainable..

My passion for woodturning has grown with every year that has passed and i now believe that I am able to class myself both as an artistic woodturner as well as functional turner.

I have become a member of the AWGB and actively seek ways in which I am able to further this trade to which I believe I owe so much.

As well as the set items for sale on these pages I also take on commissions . I hope that if the opportunity arises whereby individuals require training I provide this service as I fully enjoy imparting knowledge and skills that I have over the years gained.

I look forward to working on your requirements, I also look forward to passing on my experience to others. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements both turned article as well as your training requirements.